The future of crowdfunding
on Polkadot.

This is imbue network.

Decentralised Venture Capital

Imbue Network is a decentralised crowdfunding DAO built on top of the Polkadot blockchain platform. It is an idea incubator open to the entire world that allows anyone from any walk of life and for any endeavour to submit and vote on ideas worth funding from the communities that believe in them the most. Anyone submitting a proposal is called an initiator, and anyone contributing funds is called a contributor.

Imbue brings real-world impact to people's lives, dismantling the popular criticism that web 3.0 lacks utility. By leveraging the power of the Polkadot ecosystem and the Substrate Framework, anyone can initiate a proposal along with how much funding they feel they need. Initiators then define deliverables as milestones and split up the total amount of funding between their milestones (e.g., 10% for the first milestone, 30% for the second milestone, 40% for the third milestone, etc.).


Imbue enables founders and innovators to gain access to the funds they need for their projects from community members that support and believe in their vision.

Initiators are able to submit proposals along with how much funding they feel they need. By setting and publishing their milestones, Initiators can stay engaged and update community members with their progress directly.

Decentralised Autonomous Organisation

We believe DAOs are our future, and our community drives the future. This autonomy starts with the community voting on milestone progress to unlock the funding, thereby protecting their funds.

The $IMBU token powers the Network; it is primarily used for governance. A single $IMBU token is equivalent to a single vote; the more a contributor invests into a project, the more say they have over unlocking funds.

The Network takes 3-5% of each successful raise, and these funds are then used for whatever the DAO votes is best.

Vested Funding

Imbue Network is decentralised, meaning anyone contributing funds can raise concerns and bring those concerns to a vote. For example, to return remaining funds if a project has failed to deliver on the stated milestones.

What we
aim to do


Imbue aims to be a community full of ambitious and innovative concepts brought to life through the direct support of others.

Each proposal is independently created and crafted by the initiator behind it. Project initiators define their milestones and how much funding they need for each stage.

Imbue wants to create a world in which every person can participate in projects they believe in, and in turn drive the next wave of innovation using cutting-edge technology to get project initiators the liquidity required to build the future.


The Imbue team is challenging the preconception that you need to launch a project before any progress is seen. In addition, our team is committed to bringing in agile practices that have been so successful in the IT industry.

We have shared our public board where the community can see what every single team member is working on. This level of transparency is unheard of in the web3 space.


Imbue ensures accountability powered by the blockchain and aims to end the rampant scams in the crypto industry.

Our ethos is you should only get rewarded for demonstrable progress. Therefore, we are committed to only selling tokens after creating a working product.

How It Works



An initiator proposes an idea and defines the milestones for their submission. They also set their project's funding goal.



If a community member wants to support the project, they contribute towards the funding goal.


Funding Released

Once the project succeeds in reaching its funding goal, the initiator gets the first amount requested unlocked immediately.


Milestone Submission

The initiator submits the completion of a milestone and their contributors can place their votes using the $IMBU token.



Only the original contributors can vote on the success of a milestone. If successful, the initiator gets the funds for that milestone unlocked.

Roadmap of 2022

Q1 2022


Development & Marketing Launch

Q2 2022


Launch MVP to add projects and votes

Q3 2022


Launch on Kusama/Dot

Q4 2022


Allow funding in multiple currencies



We have gathered a team of world class experts in the field. The team has a combined 65 years experience in the IT industry alone. We are confident on our ability to turn the Imbue vision into reality

Sam Elamin


Sam has over 15 years experience as a developer and has worked in some of the world's largest companies such as Sony Playstation, Discovery Communications and JustEat. He was also the previous CEO of Kylin Network

Aala Sharfi


Aala Sharfi is a visual designer. Working in branding and marketing for numerous fields, she specializes in creating holistic brand experiences. She believes that the coming together of blockchain technology and design thinking can be a catalyst for a new wave of experiences.

Peter Smith

Product Owner

Pete is a highly respected software consultant with almost 20 years in the industry. Now specialising in distributed systems and digital transformation, he has been an avid follower of blockchain technologies since 2013. His motto is "keep it simple!"

Join our community

Our community is what defines us. We want to build Imbue alongside the community. So come join us and be part of the very first DAOs built on Polkadot