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What is Imbue Network?

Imbue Network is a decentralized web3 freelance marketplace that connects freelancers, clients, and entrepreneurs. It is built on the Polkadot blockchain, which provides a secure and transparent platform for transactions.

What is the goal of the project?

The goal of Imbue Network is to create a decentralized freelance marketplace that is fair and accessible to everyone. The platform removes country restrictions and provides a universal payment method, making it easier for freelancers to get paid and for clients to find the services they need.

What does Imbue Network provide?

Imbue Network provides a range of valuable features for freelancers and clients, including:

  • Milestones & Accountability: Imbue Network uses a milestone system that allows clients to pay by milestone completion, ensuring fair payment for freelancers and protecting clients from fraud.
  • Less Commission Fee & Referral System: Imbue Network charges a lower commission fee than traditional freelance marketplaces and offers a referral system that rewards users for referring new clients.
  • Preventing Potential Security Risks: Imbue Network uses blockchain technology to secure its platform, making it more difficult for hackers to steal data or funds.
  • Refundability Policies: Imbue Network has a refund policy that protects both freelancers and clients. If a freelancer does not complete the work to the client’s satisfaction, the client can request a refund.
  • A Qualified Network: Imbue Network has a team of experts who vet all freelancers before they are allowed to join the platform, ensuring clients work with qualified and experienced professionals.
  • Quality Control on Freelancers: Imbue Network implements a rigorous vetting process for freelancers, including skill assessments, experience verification, and reviews from previous clients.
  • Access to Web3 & Web2 Payment Methods: Imbue Network accepts both web3 and web2 payment methods, providing flexibility for freelancers to receive payment through their preferred method.
How is the payment made on Imbue?

Clients and freelancers can connect their wallets. Freelancers are paid upon completion of each milestone etc.

How do I get started on Imbue?

Getting started on Imbue is a seamless process. Create your account, fill in your profile, and start posting or browsing project briefs.

Will I still be able to fund a project on Imbue?

Yes, you can still fund a project on Imbue. We are reworking the crowdfunding process, and more details will be provided after the release of the freelancer marketplace.

How will the Imbue Token work?

The Imbue Token ($IMBU) primarily functions as a fee for transactions. Clients can choose different currencies to pay for briefs, but they will need a small amount of $IMBU (less than $0.10) to cover fees. Additionally, freelancers will need to provide a refundable deposit of 500 $IMBU once their application is accepted.

How does Imbue make money?

We charge freelancers a refundable deposit of 500 $IMBU and clients a 5% fee of the project cost.

What is your screening process for freelancers and clients?

At Imbue, we have a rigorous screening process for freelancers and clients to ensure a trusted environment for successful collaborations. Here’s an overview:

Freelancer Screening:
  • Skill Assessment: Evaluating freelancers based on portfolios, tests, and interviews.
  • Experience Verification: Checking work history and qualifications.
  • Reputation and Reviews: Considering feedback from previous clients.
  • Reference Checks: Conducting reference checks when necessary.
Client Screening:
  • Account Verification: Ensuring client identity and legitimacy.
  • Project Evaluation: Reviewing project details for legitimacy.
  • Communication Assessment: Assessing communication skills and responsiveness.
  • Past Interactions: Considering feedback from previous freelancers.

Our screening process ensures that only highly skilled and reliable freelancers and legitimate clients are part of our platform.

What payment methods are accepted on Imbue?

Imbue accepts any native substrate token such as IMBU/MGX/TUR, as well as USDT and USDC, thanks to the interoperability of Polkadot.

For Freelancers

How can I join as a freelancer?

To join as a freelancer, sign up initially and wait for verification.

How will the milestones work?

Freelancers apply for a brief with their proposal, including milestones and their respective payments.

Once a milestone is completed, they submit it on-chain for the client to verify. The client then votes on whether the milestone is completed or not. Once the vote passes, the freelancer can withdraw that milestone payment.

What projects can I do on Imbue?

As a freelancer, you can work on various projects, ranging from building websites, authoring articles, designing brochures, to producing videos. Imbue offers opportunities for a wide range of skills and services.

Is there a cost to signing up to Imbue Enterprise as a freelancer?

No, there is no cost to signing up as a freelancer on Imbue.

Where are freelancers based?

Imbue is fully web3 native, allowing freelancers to be based anywhere. The milestone system ensures that work is done correctly and verified on-chain by the clients themselves.

How do I update my portfolio on Imbue?

You can update your portfolio on Imbue by using the update button on your profile page.

How do I win a proposal on Imbue?

To increase your chances of winning proposals on Imbue, personalize your pitch and make it impactful. Analyze the client’s requirements, align your skills and experience with their needs, and share relevant examples of past projects. Provide a clear strategy with timelines and milestones, and express your passion and commitment to delivering outstanding results.

For Clients

How do I post a brief on Imbue?

To post a brief on Imbue, create a project brief with a captivating title and provide a comprehensive description of your project objectives, essential skills, budget, and timeline. Highlight unique attributes to appeal to top freelancers.

How quickly can I hire?

You can hire right away! As soon as you find an acceptable application from our verified world-class freelancers.

How will the milestones work?

Freelancers include milestones in their applications, specifying the payment per milestone. However, you have the final say on when a milestone is complete and get to vote on its completion. Until then, your funds are safely held in escrow and can be refunded.

What projects can I do on Imbue?

As a client, you can submit any brief or project you wish. Imbue accommodates a wide range of projects, from website development to article copywriting,, graphic design, and video production.

Is there a cost to advertising a brief on Imbue?

No, there is no cost for advertising a brief on Imbue Enterprise. The only cost is 5% of the brief which is only payable when you hire a freelancer.

Why should I use Imbue to find talent for various services?

Imbue offers world-class freelancers with a proven track record of delivering exceptional results at some of the biggest companies worldwide. Additionally, we leverage the power of blockchain to ensure that you only pay for the work you are satisfied with, providing a secure and reliable platform for finding top talent.

I am not sure what I want. Can I still create a project on Imbue?

Certainly! You can create a brief with your initial thoughts, and then use the real-time messaging feature to communicate with freelancers. We will also integrate AI to help you draft the brief, ensuring it is worded exactly as you want it.

Will I receive a refund in case I don’t like the work?

Yes, you can raise a refund request with the platform, which will refund all the funds currently locked in escrow. In other words, all unapproved milestones can be refunded.