Key Notes from Twitter Space AMA Event:

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Key Notes from Twitter Space AMA Event:
July 26, 2023
Key Notes from Twitter Space AMA Event:
📢 Key Notes from Twitter Space AMA Event:

We are thrilled to provide you with an update on our development team's efforts. Here the 11 key notes from the event:

1. Transparency and Accountability: The team reiterated their commitment to transparency and accountability, emphasising the importance of community input and decision-making that aligns with the community's best interests.

2. Introducing newest member: The team introduced Brian as their newest team member, He's gonna be working in the marketing team. Let's welcome him 🥳

3. Shifting Focus: Due to the bear market, the team decided to prioritise building a freelance marketplace to leverage their expertise. They aim to expand this marketplace to multiple disciplines and provide a platform for individuals to monetise their skills in the web3 space.

4. Unbiased Expert Reviews and Dispute Resolution: The team emphasised the need for accountability and transparency in the web3 ecosystem. They are actively developing an unbiased expert review system and a robust dispute resolution mechanism to address these concerns.

5. Milestones and Progress: The team shared their plans to deploy a new user interface on Kusama, showcase their grant demo, and make significant progress on their fellowship program. They are also working on a vetting process for freelancers and determining effective incentives for this process.

6. Launch of New Website and Beta Version: The team announces the launch of a new website and a beta version of their platform. They plan to expand to other ecosystems beyond Polkadot, such as Ethereum and Cardano, and collaborate with builders in those communities. They emphasise the importance of working together to achieve a better web3 ecosystem and gain adoption.

7. Revenue Generation: Recognising the importance of revenue generation, the team sees the freelance marketplace as a clear path to achieve this goal. They discussed the possibility of a dispute system and allowing users to vote on discrepancies in work. Incentivising approvers and sharing a portion of the fee with them is also being considered.

8. Accountability in the Treasury: The team discussed their proposal for a new grants system that includes milestone approvals and refunds for non-delivery. They expressed confidence in their progress and the solution they are providing for accountability in the treasury.

9. Community Engagement: The team encouraged community members to join their Telegram channel for regular updates and to participate in discussions. They also mentioned Sam's talk at Decoded, available on YouTube, as a valuable resource to gain further insights into their vision and progress.

10. Confidence in Adoption: The team expressed their confidence in answering the "why" of Polkadot and web3, leading to widespread adoption. They are excited about the growth opportunities and the potential of the freelance marketplace.

11. Introduction of Felix and Q&A:  During the event, a developer from the Imbue team, Felix, made an appearance and encouraged the community to participate in a question and answer session. Felix raised a query regarding the integration process of proposal calls into the system. Sam, provided an explanation, mentioning that a pre-image with a nominal amount would be generated, and the proposal itself would specify the exact amount to be sent to a particular account. Additionally, Sam highlighted that the treasury would take on the responsibility of ensuring the funds are appropriately distributed or refunded, depending on the outcome of the approval process.

Please check the full recording of the Twitter Space AMA event for a more comprehensive understanding of the topics discussed: Imbue Network Update

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting developments!

With love,
Imbue Team💪