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Imbue Network Newsletter
January 23, 2022
Imbue Network Newsletter
Accountability and Transparency at the Core of Imbue Network

📢 Introducing the Imbue Network Newsletter 📢

Dear Imbue Community,

Welcome to this month’s edition of the Imbue Network Digest. Our aim is to provide you with a transparent and accountable update on our progress. Here’s what’s been happening:

🚀 Developer’s Update:
Our dedicated development team has been hard at work, focusing on key improvements to enhance your Imbue experience:
- Backend API for Profile Edits: We have implemented a new backend API to streamline profile editing for freelancers, making updates to your profile quick and hassle-free.
- Test Suite for Freelancer Onboarding: The completion of a comprehensive test suite for freelancer onboarding ensures a smooth and efficient registration process for new freelancers.
- API Refactoring: Our team has refactored multiple APIs with an emphasis on efficiency and user experience. We’re confident that these changes will contribute to a faster, smoother Imbue experience.
For any queries regarding UI or any other technical questions, our developers are always ready to assist.

Explore the updated Imbue experience

We would also love to hear your feedback on the new UI

🗓 Imbue Strategy Meeting:
On May 13, 2023, key members of the Imbue team convened to discuss and strategize our platform’s future direction. We’re scheduling the next strategic meeting next week, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to collaboration and progressive decision-making.

🌟 Our Ongoing Missions:

Our dynamic Imbue Heroes have been diligently performing several essential tasks:

- Content Creation: 📝 Producing high-quality content for Imbue, capturing the essence of our mission and the benefits for our users.

- Engagement & Outreach: 📣 Actively reaching out to freelancers and clients, spreading the word about Imbue and fostering valuable connections.

- Potential Partnerships: 🤝 Identifying and exploring potential partnerships to extend our influence and bring even more opportunities to our users.

- Community Management: 💬 Consistently managing the community, keeping everyone informed with timely updates and announcements.

- Market Analysis: 📈 Conducting thorough market analysis to stay ahead of the curve and adapt to the changing needs of our users.

All these efforts underline our dedication to building a robust and vibrant community within Imbue Network.

As we continue our journey, your support has been invaluable. At Imbue, we strive to uphold the highest levels of accountability and transparency in all our endeavours. Your trust drives us to keep improving and making Imbue the best it can be.

Thank you for being an essential part of our journey.

The Imbue Team